Skyrocket your employee benefit program

You are one click away from making your employee’s day better and more productive. Tailor the benefits to their individual needs, from food and sports to beauty and education.

About us

We are Moontop; an innovative tech company

specialized in the human resources industry.

Our goal is to help you make your employees

happier & healthier, all while keeping them motivated.

Software for benefits organization

Moontop is a driver for digital and simple organization of benefits programs in your company.

Tax optimization

Moontop is innovative technology for payroll taxes optimization.

Take full advantage of non-taxable benefits and achieve savings and competitive advantage in the market.

Platform for digital benefits

Moontop is a platform for developing, selling and delivering digital benefits for your employees.

Let them choose among many of Moontop benefits and/or suggest joint development of custom benefits.


Everything your employees need

in just one app!

Payment Gateway

In case you lack the needed amount of credit, the rest can be paid by the payment gateway.

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Show everyone it was nothing else than just pure pleasure.

My Activities

A clear view of active and expired purchases.


Search for your favorite service provider, or try something new and trusted.


Take a look and purchase anything from the app’s offer, in just a few clicks.


Reminder before
every appointment.


One stop-shop

Our wide range of benefits gives you the opportunity to customize your benefits program for each individual needs.


Delivery or pick-up in the restaurant?

You prefer more meat&fish stores and fresh food? - It's up to you!

You should never make decisions while hungry, and with Moontop - perfect meals are just one click away.


A healthy body equals a healthy mind. Why not boost your employees’ mood, productivity, and motivation with gyms, tennis, swimming pools, personal training and many other activities.


Employees are the face of the company and the brand. Help them shine on every occasion to show how the top company takes care of their employees. Beauty includes hair and beauty salons, and wellness centers.


There is nothing like coming home after a long day. Why not giving your employees the home of their dreams? Let them choose the right housing solutions for their needs.


The fast-paced business world demands continuous education. Get your employees buzzing with ideas after attending cutting-edge courses. The competitive edge they bring will ensure the further success of your business.


Family comes first. Why not make the little ones happy with birthday parties to remember, playing sports with their friends and more entertaining activities.

Let's put a smile on their faces. And on their parents' too!


First impressions last longer than we think. Let your employees' clean and finely pressed clothes speak volumes. Help them find the nearest dry cleaner with Moontop.


Enjoy your favorite coffee or beverage – in the office or at home.


The busy life rhythm takes its toll. Do an overall health check.


Have a health insurance and ensure yourself a peace of mind.


Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.
Orhan Pamuk


Look for corporate vehicles and accompanying services.
You prefer more other forms of transport – as bicycle, e-scooter?
It’s all up to you.


Stores, tech shops, fashion, sport equipment…or something unexpected?
Take a look!


Employee care.
Check your eyesight, or shedule a relaxing treatment to prepare you for a new work challenges.


Have an idea for a custom benefit we somehow missed? Let us know, and together we'll design the benefits perfectly suitable for your company.


In 3 easy steps



  1. First, we sign the contract.
  2. Then we connect with your IT department.
  3. At last, you define the list of employees, their benefits, and a monthly (or yearly!) amount for each of them.



  1. Second, together we inform and educate your employees on the benefits available to them.
  2. Internally, you can do a bit of marketing to promote the program further.
  3. Externally, we see Moontop as an excellent opportunity for your employer branding efforts. Everyone loves a company that takes care of its people. Rock on!



  1. Third, the benefits are activated after receiving a payment. You process it together with their individual monthly pay.
  2. Your employees start using the benefits. And are delighted by them!
  3. Ratings and comments show you what you can improve further—maybe adding a bit of gym time?

Why Moontop?

It brings a lot of benefits to your company

... and your employees.


Current market situation demands innovation and unique experiences to employees. Offer them variety of benefits and stand out from the competition.

Unique Experience

Our benefits are available only in B2B2E offering, so you are building strong connections and loyalty of your employees.

Employer Branding

Give your employees the real benefits they are looking for. Frequency of use ensures better experience and provides better employer branding.

Real Feedback

Only benefits on the market which provide real feedback to companies…
every month!


Moontop benefits are non taxable! Increase employee earnings while generating savings for the company.

Equal reward system

Create a personalized benefit program where everyone can find something for themselves.

Why Moontop?

It brings a lot of benefits to your company

... and your employees.


Employees are using innovative and digital benefits, and they use them frequently. The only thing they need is a mobile phone and one app.

Cost Effective

Free of charge benefits for their regular activities.

Unique Experience

New hair salon, training session or thai massage? Maybe new educational course, health services?

Every day is an opportunity to try something new. On top of tthat our benefits are available only in B2B2E offering, so only company can provide these unique experiences.



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